Minimum Viable Route

Announcing the MVR - Navigation help via Komoot

We’ve spoken to a lot of prospective participants over the past few weeks and have heard one common barrier to entering the race: navigation. We get it - nav seems intimidating. But we also believe that it’s important for outdoor runners to know how to navigate, and that’s why we put together a race like this. It’s a fun way to learn. So, in order to encourage those who want to come have Type 2 Fun but don’t have faith in their ability to follow a bearing, we’ve decided to add in the Minimum Viable Route (MVR).

This will be a route in Komoot that you’ll be able to download to your mobile device (when the checkpoints are released pre-race) and follow around the mandatory checkpoints only. We’re pretty confident that when you get there, you might realise this navigation malarkey isn’t so bad, and you might go off piste and nab a couple of extra checkpoints.

The Type 2 Fun Run is certainly a gruelling undertaking and requires good mountain skills, but it’s also a welcoming place to learn and develop skills required to take on bigger challenges. We still strongly recommend anyone applying spends some time before the race practicing navigation, but the MVR is there for you, should you choose to use it.

(please note: no one has to follow the MVR. It’s just there as a helping hand)

Jenny Tough