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Welcome to the Type II Fun Run. This is not your typical ultra.

Type II Fun: An activity that was, in all honesty, a negative experience at the time, but on later reflection seems like it was a lot of fun.

The Type II Fun Run is an ultra like no other. Set in the Scottish Highlands on 31st Aug-1 Sep 2019. There will be no set course, no feed stations, no base camp, no massage tent, no mercy. The race will be won by strategy, not chiefly by speed. Only skilled navigators and those with the ability to embrace discomfort will make it. 30 hours, a mix of mandatory and optional checkpoints. Sound horrible? Do you like to sign up for horrible things? Then read on...

Update: The checkpoints are now live. Head here to see them all.

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The Race

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The race


Like no other ultra...

Welcome to the Type II Fun Run. This is an ultra race like no other. 

Runners will race from the start to the finish, but the distances covered and the route taken will vary between each competitor. A combination of mandatory and optional checkpoints will dot the region around (and we use the term "around" loosely) the start/finish base, each worth an amount of points relevant to its difficulty. Racers will not win by getting across the finish line first; in fact, the time is nearly irrelevant. All racers have to return to base before 30 hours is over, but arriving early will offer no advantage in the standings. The race is won by points collected. Solid navigation and strategy are key. As a guide, the minimum distance (ie to only collect the mandatory checkpoints and no others) is approximately 85km.

The Type II Fun Run is entirely self-supported. Runners will need to carry sufficient equipment to survive in the wild and complete the run safely. There will be mandatory as well as suggested kit that runners must carry at all times. No outside assistance is permitted. There are no feed stations, we won't set up your tent for you, we won't point you in the right direction, and we certainly won't pop your blisters for you. Only the experienced are encouraged to apply, and only the intrepid will make it.


The Course

First of all, there is no 'course' in a traditional sense. Runners will set out from the ‘base’, the same point where they will return to 30 hours later, and in that time try to collect as many checkpoints as possible. There will be mandatory checkpoints, which, if navigated in order with no desire to hit the other checkpoints would make a minimum race distance of approximately 85km. Beyond the mandatory checkpoints, there will be GPS coordinates for plenty (perhaps too many) of optional checkpoints that runners validate at (collecting a badge, taking a selfie, etc. - details to be clarified by each checkpoint but it won't be complicated). Each checkpoint will be worth a certain value of points relating to its difficulty. Some of them will be scenic highlights of the region. Some of them will seem very cruel. Some of them will be pubs. This is very much a 'choose your own adventure' style of racing. As a guide, the minimum route is approximately 85km, but the checkpoints will cover a vast enough region to allow runners to clock up considerably more distance than that.

Runners who cross the finish line within 30 hours will be awarded 100 points (a deduction of 1 point per minute for lateness), then the total sum of points they collected will be added for their 'score'. This race is not won by time on the clock, but rather your total points. The winner may not necessarily be the fastest runner (although it would be a big help), but the runner with the best strategy. The map of checkpoints will be released much closer to the date, so close, in fact, that you won't get a chance to recce your route. 

The exact location of the checkpoints will be released hours before the event, but to help you plan your travel, the start/finish base will be in Braemar. The finish line will open two hours before the cutoff, and remain open throughout the finisher's party for any latecomers.


Race Support

This is designed to be an unsupported challenge - none of the usual luxury experience some ultra runners may be used to. There will be no drop zones, route marshals, course markings, or pacers. Even the spectators will mostly be virtual dot-watchers. You are more than welcome (and expected) to come to the finisher’s party in your muddy, sweaty, disgusting running gear, but just in case you wanted something nice to wear on the train home, there will be a place to store (small) luggage.

What we will provide:

  • A map of checkpoints and their point values.

  • Start line race briefing with clarification of the race rules and kit checks. There will be parking available for the weekend at this location.

  • A kickass finishers party, complete with beer and prizes.

  • Complete Komoot packages to help you navigate (worth £29.99)

  • NEW! 50% off Navigation Course (17 August) with Girls on Hills for all female entrants.

  • Our sincerest condolences that you signed up for this.

Still confused? Head to our FAQ.



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  1. Runners must run between the Start and Finish within 30 hours.

  2. No outside assistance, no caching.

  3. Runners must carry mandatory kit at all times.

  4. Run in the spirit of adventure and safety first.

  5. Leave no trace.

Mandatory Kit:

  • Sleep system (at least sleeping bag + emergency shelter)

  • Capacity for at least 1L water

  • Light and batteries

  • Compass

  • Rain jacket

  • Warm layers (top and bottom)

  • Phone and charger

  • GPS tracking device (provided)

  • First Aid kit, or at least duct tape

Strongly Suggested Kit:

  • Sufficient rations for night/remote running

  • Extra lights

  • Warm (3 season) sleeping bag

  • Gloves, warm hat, spare socks

  • Battery pack

  • Cash

  • A real First Aid kit, and knowledge of its contents

By entering the race you accept these terms for yourself and on behalf of anyone you have entered; who you confirm has also been provided with these rules. You declare that the information you have provided is complete and correct and agree that you participate in this event at your own risk and must rely on your own ability in dealing with all hazards. You are aware that all marshals are at the event for your own safety and their instructions must be followed at all times. You agree that no liability whatsoever shall be attached to the organisers, promoters or sponsors in respect of any injury, loss or damage suffered by reason of the event, however caused. You consent to the publication of your name, club, race category, race number, finishing time and race position in race pre-entry and results lists.

In the event a participant needs to cancel there will be a £5 admin charge for entries cancelled or transferred to a future event up to 6 weeks before the event date. Unfortunately we will be unable to offer any refunds or transfers after this date.



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Although the Type II Fun Run should be taken on in the spirit of adventure, it is still a competition, although the format is slightly different from the ultras you're used to. We’ve got some great swag lined up, including packs and booze, not to mention the undying admiration of your friends and followers. Note that to be eligible for a prize, you must complete the course within the 30 hours. We just can't hold the prize ceremony waiting for you.

  • First place. First place will be awarded to the runner who completes within 30 hours and with the most points collected.

  • Tortoise. The last runner to finish within the 30 hour time limit.

  • Hare. The first runner to arrive at the finish. Very unlikely to rank well in the overall points standings, but we'll give you a beer or something.

  • Mule. Completing the course with the heaviest pack (must weigh at start and finish to be eligible).

  • Forrest. For the runner who, like Forrest Gump, just likes runnin'. Highest total mileage ran within the 30 hour time limit.

  • The Congenials. First place pair runners.

  • The Gnarly Award. A prize given at the race organisers' discretion for the most gnarly race story. Share your journey on social media using the hashtag during the race to be eligible.

  • The Dirtbag Award. A prize given at the race organisers’ discretion for the most dirtbag-like activity during the race. (ie wearing your pants on your head to protect you from the sun)

  • The Catastrophe Award. We expect many catastrophes to unfold during a race of this nature. Some runners will scratch, but others will persevere. This prize is for the runner who perseveres through what we deem as the most spectacular catastrophe. (ie forgetting your shoes at home)

  • QOMs/KOMs. This race will have some hills - some optional, some mandatory. Speedy climbs will be rewarded, even if the winners destroy themselves to the point of ruining the rest of their race strategy.

  • Photography competition. This prize is to remind runners that they are, above all, on an adventure through a magnificent and remote landscape. Take a moment to appreciate it now and then. Photos posted on social media with the race hashtag are automatically eligible.



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T2FR 2020

The inaugural Type 2 Fun Run has now wrapped up, and we’re looking forward to putting together plans for 2020. If you would like to stay up to date and know when the race is announced, please enter your email below.