This is an ultra like no other. The race is made up of checkpoints scattered in all directions around the event HQ. There are four mandatory checkpoints which must be completed in order. The rest of the checkpoints are all optional, and all worth a value dependent (mostly) on their difficulty. All runners must return to HQ within 30 hours - no more, no less - to qualify as a finisher. The runner who has collected the most points, wins.

Racers will receive the checkpoints via Komoot less than a week ahead of the race, allowing enough time to download and plot a route, but not enough time to recce. At registration, an OS map covering the area of the race will be handed out along with a list of the checkpoints, their grid references, and points values.

To help, in the Komoot Collection where you will find all of the checkpoints is also a Minimum Viable Route, a route of approximately 75km that only takes in the four mandatory checkpoints. Completion of this within 30 hours will qualify as a finish, but we hope you explore some of the incredible optional checkpoints we’ve listed.

The Mandatory Checkpoints must completed in order. They are:

  1. Royal Lochnagar Distillery

  2. Lochnagar (summit)

  3. Callater Stables

  4. Bob Scott’s Bothy